In the event of an incident occurring that you believe may lead to a claim, please complete the attached claim form and send it to the claims manager at Atlantic Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd without delay along with any other supporting documentation you may have received.

Your insurer will then investigate the claim on your behalf and determine whether you are liable.

Please Note: The excess is payable on all claims lodged with your insurer regardless of fault.

Liability Incident Report Form

"All other claims"

Where possible, adhere to the following:

1. Make sure that any premises are safe and secure.

2. If the claim is for an external window, contact a glazier to arrange repairs.

3. For Burglary claims, contact the police to report the incident, make a list of all items, which have been stolen or damaged by the intruders.

4. For Motor Vehicle Claims, secure Third Party details when applicable and secure a quote for repairs.

5. Contact us to report the incident, we will advise you how to lodge the claim, and what else will be required to assist with your claim’s speedy progress.