Frequently Asked Questions

What is different about a Plumbers Policy?

The policy is made up of two sections:

a) Consumer Protection Liability covers you for any rectification work involved in going back to fix a faulty work undertaken by the plumber. i.e. Opening up a wall to find a leak, then having to plaster it back up. This is covered for $50,000 for domestic and $100,000 for Commercial.

b) Public and Product Liability will cover you for any Resultant Damage caused by faulty work undertaken by the plumber. i.e. The above leaking pipe causes damage to flooring, carpets or furniture. This is covered for the full policy limit for Liability.

Can I cover my other Business Activities under my policy?

We can certainly refer any additional activities your are undertaking to your insurer for inclusion in your policy. Insurers are generally accommodating on those activities that are low risk and do not make up more than 25% of your turnover. An additional fee may apply for this cover.

How is my premium calculated?

Premiums are calculated on a number of factors including information relating to the size of your business (Number on tools and Turnover) and the sorts of activities being undertaken by you.

Are subcontractors covered by the policy?

We recommend that all subcontractors have their own policy, especially if they are not solely working for you. This will protect your claims history if they are responsible for any property damage or cause injury. We suggest you obtain a copy of their certificate of currency prior to them entering the job site. A subcontractors declaration can be found in the Declarations and Documents Tab to assist with your risk management.

Can I pay my insurance by installment?

Yes you can with no additional admin fees, surcharges or interest applicable. The ability to avoid this initial outlay means your working capital can be better invested into other income-generating activities.